Fabric Engine Documentation

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This is the documentation for Fabric Engine 2.6.0, last updated Aug 22, 2017.

The documentation can also be downloaded as a zip from here: http://documentation.fabric-engine.com/FabricEngine/2.6.0/FabricEngine-Documentation-2.6.0.zip

Parts of the documentation:

What’s new in Fabric Engine 2.6.0
Completely fresh to the product? Looking for installation help?

For help installing, licensing and starting to use Fabric Engine please consult this guide.

Looking for information about Canvas, the visual programming system?

A user’s guide to the Canvas visual programming system.

A guide for Canvas for Programmers.
Looking for information about the Fabric DCC integrations and Tools?

The Fabric for 3ds Max integration

The Fabric for Maya integration

The Fabric for MODO integration

Kraken stand alone and DCC integrations
New to KL? An existing KL user? Here are the KL programming guides:

An introduction for the KL programming language

How to write well styled KL

An overview of all available KL extensions

How to use the KL Tool to develop and debug KL extensions

How to use the Kludge tool to wrap existing C/C++ APIs in KL

An overview now to use Map Reduce in KL
Searching for low level information, such as the Core or GPU Compute?

An overview of the inner workings of the Fabric Core

Information about how to debug KL

An introduction into GPU compute - how to use KL on the GPU
Are you a programmer and interested in the various APIs?

The C/C++ Fabric Core programming guide

The C/C++ Fabric Canvas programming guide

The C/C++ API for accessing KL data types explained

The Python Fabric Core and FabricUI programming guide

An introduction to writing your own KL extensions

The Fabric documentation system based on sphinx